We’ve finally got patches available for sale on our site! The classic ‘Never Souled Out‘ embroided patch is available for $5 each, while the two ‘Pietasters’ silk-screened patches (top and bottom) are $3 each. Get all three together as a bundle and save a little money too!

Thanks as always for supporting The Pietasters!

One thought on “Patches Now Available!

  1. piestomp is my # 2 goto drinking playlist #1 is youth of today. I only drink on vacation now that I am a responsible adult and almost 50. Anyway, I can not thank the pietasters enough for sticking with it for as long as they have and for the magical music they have made. I was talking with the singer of madness at a ska thing in Antwerp a few days ago and he said he thought the Pietasters was the sound he what actually trying to find but could only play within the formula set in his band.

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